UK Ending Vaccine Passports and Mask Mandates

by Leah Rosenberg

Mask mandates and vaccine passports have been out of control throughout the world. Are governments finally waking up to the insanity?

More good news, from the UK! They just decided to end the vaccine passports and mask mandates.

Covid still exists and will never go away, but at least these unscientific restrictions are finally being removed by the UK government. When will all the other governments, like Israel, Austria, Australia, Democratic states in the US etc. follow?

As the British PM said himself: Time to “stop criminalizing” these activities and return to “Trust the British people.”
So many people are afraid for their lives to live life normally because of these horrific lies. So many people, especially children, now live in fear of being around people without the unscientific vaccine passports or without masks. Fear. 

And now all of a sudden, those lies are not criminalized anymore. Finally, let’s return to normal; to actually trust people to be responsible for their own health decisions, and to stop worrying about the health situation of everyone next to you, on a bus, in a store, in your classroom. 

Many children today will be damaged for life because of this fear the medical establishment, governments, schools and their own parents have instilled in them!

The governments throughout the world have made many lose even more trust in them because of how they lied and wrongly went about the entire pandemic.

If someone does get sick with this virus, then find a doctor for early medical treatment, stay home, and only leave your home and go back to life after you are better. You know, like humanity used to do back in 2019.

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