Exposed: How Iranian nuke scientist was assassinated

by Leah Rosenberg

When the Iranian nuke scientist was assassinated, it set back their nuke program. But it also was a huge security breach.

What Happened to the Iranian Nuke Scientist

In November 2020, the head Iranian nuke scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed. It was an interesting assassination that left many unanswered questions. Who had done it? How exactly did it happen? Of course, Iran blamed Israel right away.

Iran has been developing a nuclear program, and Israel knows that Iran is a real threat. Although Iran tries to fool the world and claim that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, that cannot be farther from the truth. Of course, many Iranians took to the streets and burned Israeli flags after the assassination. But there were also those who thanked Israel. There are those who want a change in the regime.

As more information has come out, the assassination has become more unique. The fact that only the one Iranian nuke scientist was killed, and no one else was killed, is impressive. It was also a massive security breach for Iran. The report is now that there were 13 bullets from a 1-ton automated gun; that spies on the ground operated remotely.

If it was Israel (which Israel has still not admitted anything), they went to great lengths to ensure that only Fakhrizadeh was murdered. They could have taken out everyone – all his bodyguards and his wife.

Whoever did it, the mission was accomplished.

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