Head scientist of Iranian nuke program assassinated in Absard near Tehran

by Leah Rosenberg

The head of the Iranian nuke program was Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. He was assassinated on Friday. Who is responsible? Iran thinks Israel.

Head Scientist of Iranian Nuke Program Killed

Iranian nuke program head Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed Friday in an ambush in Absard, a retreat village for the Iranian elite near Tehran.

The Persian-language Fars claimed that the assassination was carried out remotely, with the assassins not present at the scene.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was traveling with his wife on Friday afternoon for a planned vacation in his special bullet-proof vehicle. He was then shot and killed by a remote-controlled machine gun when he stepped out of the car.

Just before the shooting, a security car which was escorting Fakhrizadeh’s vehicle went ahead to inspect the vacation house prior to the convoy’s arrival.

Shortly thereafter, the remotely-controlled machine gun opened fire on Fakhrizadeh’s vehicle.

Not realizing what had happened, the car was stopped, and Fakhrizadeh stepped out of the car to see if he had hit something on the road.

At that point, a truck pulled up to within some 150 meters (500 feet) of Fakhrizadeh and opened fire with the remote control machine gun. The truck and remote-controlled machine-gun then self-destructed.

Israel has not taken responsibility. But there have been some hints that maybe it was Israel. Aside from Netanyahu’s video on Twitter talking about the week’s accomplishments, some of which he said he could not tell, this video from 2018 also hinted to Israel’s potential responsibility in the attack. As Netanyahu talked about the documents they had smuggled from Iran, he said “Remember that name – Fakhrizadeh.” You can see the video below:

Of course, Iran promises to retaliate.

Although Iran claims that its nuclear program is “peaceful,” any sane person should know the truth. Iran calls for the destruction of American, Israel, and the West on a constant basis. Iran is the top state sponsor of terrorism worldwide. They are responsible for more destruction in the world than anyone wants to admit. So who in their right mind would believe Iran when they say their nuclear program is “peaceful?”

Israel is a country that promotes life. They do their utmost to prevent death, even the death of enemies. But if they need to kill in order to protect themselves, they will. Was it Israel who assassinated Mohsen Fakhrizadeh? Maybe, maybe not. But someone is trying to stop Iran’s nuclear program, and the world should be thanking that “someone.”

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