Biden, Not So Friendly To Israel After All

by Micha Gefen

With all the talk of President Biden being a friend of Israel, he has hired a multitude of anti-Israel, pro-“palestinian” civil-servants.

One of the people, Reema Dodin is one of two deputy directors the legislative affairs team. She is not only a “palestinian”-American, but has joined BDS protests and seems to support suicide bombings.

Then there is Maher Bitar, appointed senior director for intelligence programs at the National Security Council, according to a report in the political journalism site Politico.

Daniel Greenfield reported at Frontpage online magazine, in 2006, as a student at Georgetown University, Bitar was a leader of the anti-Semitic, Muslim Brotherhood aligned Students for Justice in Palestine. As an SJP leader, he organized a so-called “boycott, divestment, and sanctions” campaign against Israel and its supporters on his campus. Greenfield reported in his article that Bitar was the head of a panel at a BDS conference where participants discussed how to indoctrinate Christians to believe that Israel has no right to exist.

Interestingly enough, Bitar’s position is usually given to a CIA official – Bitar has no intelligence experience.

These are just some of the appointees Biden has put in. With a friend like Joe Biden, who needs enemies?

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