Explosion in Hezbollah gas storage warehouse near Lebanon-Syria border

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not clear what caused the explosion at the Lebanon-Syria border. What is clear is this: Hezbollah is damaging the region.

Terror at the Lebanon-Syria Border

The Hezbollah warehouse that exploded at the Lebanon-Syria border is reported to be used by smugglers. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, and they are wreaking havoc in the region. Backed by Iran, they have caused damage to Lebanon, Syria, and the rest of the Middle East. They are not only a threat to Israel. Hezbollah has ruined the Lebanese economy. This terror organization has put the lives of innocent civilians in danger again and again. Not only innocent civilians from other neighboring countries, but Hezbollah does not care about the Lebanese people either. They use them as human shields.

If the terrorism stops, the region will be able to function properly. But sadly, Iran has no intention to stop funding terrorism. Which means that all those terror organizations who receive money and weapons from Iran will continue to destroy and create chaos in the Middle East. Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hamas in Gaza, and more. The Middle East looks the way it does largely because of Iran.

And the world must remember that we will not beat terror by being weak and giving in.

Col. Kemp

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