An Israeli company is giving the world clean water from thin air

by Leah Rosenberg

Many places throughout the world do not have clean drinking water. And that is where an Israeli company called Watergen is changing it all.

The Israeli Company That’s Making Miracles

This is truly mind-blowing! What this Israeli company has done completely revolutionizes the concept of clean drinking water. Thank G-d, Israel has clean drinking water. But sadly, many places around the world do not. So, what is there to do? Watergen has created clean water from thin air – literally. Their technology takes the humidity in the air and turns it into water anyone can drink. Modern technology is miraculous! G-d put natural resources in the world to use. And that is exactly what Watergen does – it uses natural resources!

This company created something that is literally saving lives. No human being on this Earth can survive without clean water.

Thank You, Israel

The thing about Israelis is that they do not only care about themselves. Israelis are trying to better the entire world. Despite the fact that Israel might have clean drinking water, other countries in the world do not. And this technology helps others fulfill the basic need to drink water.

When you hear about inventions like Watergen, doesn’t it make you wonder how the world can view Israel as an oppressive and evil state? Just take a look at all they have produced for the world. Israel has changed the world for the better. Giving the world access to clean drinking water is unquestionably a good thing. Thank you, Israel!

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