Former Iranian commander threatens Joe Biden

by Phil Schneider

Iranian leaders are not very subtle. They don’t even attempt to cloak their true intentions. If they could, they would rain down a missile barrage on Israel and bomb Israel with a nuclear bomb. But, they have been setback by multiple actions of the Israeli and American government over the last few years. Note how the Iranian Commander’s main goal is to get rid of the sanctions that President Trump laced on Iran. There is nothing that has hurt the Iranian leadership more than these sanctions. The attacks on the nuclear scientists and the Chiefs of Staff also hurt. But, the economic sanctions foment internal anger against the leadership and rattle the very ground that the leadership is sitting on.

Benjamin Netanyahu has already cemented his legacy as the Israeli Statesman who led the fight against Iran becoming a nuclear power. He did this via his battle with or against several administrations of the United States. He did not have much support from Bill Clinton, but not much opposition either. During the Bush administration, Netanyahu largely had support – especially due to the fallout from 9/11. But, from 2008 – 2016, Netanyahu had to deal with an Obama-led United States that was hell-bent on weakening Israel in it’s fight for security in the Middle East. Netanyahu outsmarted Obama by seemingly giving in to him between 2008 and 2010, when Obama controlled Congress and the Senate too. But, once Obama lost Congress to the Republicans, Netanyahu realized it was his time to stand up to Obama and lecture him in public in order to gain support for Israel’s defense plans against Iran.

Obama was livid. But his hands were tied by Congress. He could not cut off aid like he would have liked to. But Obama gave in to all of Iran’s demands and basically sped up Iran’s rush to build a nuclear bomb. Netanyahu replied by sending the Mossad to hit against the leading scientists. By 2016, Israel had warm support in their fight against Iran from the Trump administration. Moreover, President Trump joined in the attack against Iran and killed the top Iranian general who had basically been the leading state-sponsored terrorist in the Middle East.

MEMRI does a great service to the world by simply translating the words that influential Arabs say from Arabic to English. This video should serve as a reminder to all what the true intentions are of the Iranian military brass.

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