Explore Hebron Like You Have Never Seen it Before

by Leah Rosenberg

Hebron is the ancient, Biblical city of the Jewish people. It is one of the holiest cities in Israel. Take a stunning virtual tour!

Hebron and Biblical Sites

If you loved this video, the sites are even better in person. Walking through such an ancient and Biblical city with so much history is unbelievable. There is nothing like it. Think about it: How remarkable is it to walk in the same place that our forefathers walked? And seeing all the different tombs of Biblical characters including the Cave of the Patriarchs. The archaeology and excavations. The museums. This is all part of the story of the Jewish people!

Despite the struggle that the Jews have faced to live in their rightful city of Hebron, they haven’t left. Because the Jewish people are strong. The enemy keeps trying to scare away the people of Israel, but they will never win. Because G-d is looking after the Jewish people.

If only the world saw the truth about this holy Jewish city. If only the world saw that the Jewish people did not steal ANY land from Arabs. It actually is quite the opposite. The Arabs are living on Jewish land. And the people of Israel are willing to live side by side with the Arabs – if the Arabs will live peacefully. The problem is that many of the Arabs refuse to live peacefully.

It is important for people to see videos like this one. A peaceful video of Hebron. People need to see this Biblical city in a different way than the news headlines show it.

Dr. Risch

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