WATCH: Arab Attacks Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor With A Knife

by Micha Gefen

Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Aryeh King went to the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood in order to investigate first hand where Arabs have been squatting illegally for decades.


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One of the Arab squatters pulled a knife on Aryeh King. But in a quick move, King was able to remain unharmed. The police that accompanied the Deputy Mayor wasted no time in arresting the attacker.

Shimon Hatzaddik, named Sheikh Jarrah by the Arabs, was a Jewish neighborhood until 1948, when Israel lost it to Jordan. The Jews, who had been living there since the mid 1850’s, were ethnically cleansed by the Jordanian legion and local Arabs. Arabs moved into the Jewish homes after the war and continued to squat in them – effectively stealing the land. After the Six Day War, in 1967, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the land belongs to the Jewish owners and the squatters needed to pay rent.

Despite the ruling, the Arab squatters remained on the properties and refused to pay rent. Now the Supreme Court has once again ruled against the squatters, ordering them to pay rent and then leave after a set time.

Attacks on Jews in Shimon Hatzaddik continue to increase.

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