Massive Coverup by FBI Denying Texas Synagogue Attack was Anti-Semitic?

by Phil Schneider

Was the FBI simply making a mistake when they quickly announced that the Texas synagogue attack was not anti-Semitic? Or is the FBI an organization trying to cover up the obvious motives of the attack?

Whatever the right answer is, some things must be said in the most crystal clear way. Any attack on a synagogue is an attack on Jews because they are Jewish. Any young child could tell you this. But for some reason, the FBI could not figure this out.

Or was it just a misstatement that really was not part of any cover up? It probably was a bit of both. The FBI spokesman certainly will not be doing much more speaking in the near future. But is the FBI also trying to conceal what is a major issue today? Is there an attempt o whitewash a major trend of radical Muslim attacks on people in the United States of America?

If there ever was a situation that should have been obvious, it was this one. The FBI may be a critical part of the safety network of the United States. But if they can’t figure out that synagogue attacks are anti-Semitic, then we must think twice about whether or not the United States FBI is truly up to the job.

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