Liberal Media Personalities Finally Blow the Whistle on COVID-19 Lies

by Leah Rosenberg

Even big name Liberal media personalities are talking common sense about Covid-19, and it’s about time! This is great to listen to.

Liberal Media Personalities Slam Authorities on COVID-19

Wake up! Bari Weiss talks with other Liberal media personalities about how absurd COVID-19 is now and how the authorities need to stop ruining the lives of the younger generation.

The authorities need to stop lying – about the vaccine, about masks, about everything. It has become about politics instead about human lives. And what has happened? As Weiss pointed out, there has been an increase in self harm among young girls. People are anxious and depressed – even killing themselves. People are lonely. The statistics are terrifying about what COVID-19 has really caused – or rather, what those in power have allowed COVID-19 to do. It is time they woke up to the truth and started handling the pandemic properly.

Everyone has been told lies about Coronavirus and what is “scientifically” recommended. Everyone has been misled. Many have stood up to it, but many are afraid out of fear of what will happen to them and their careers. Bari Weiss has given a voice to those in the Liberal world who are afraid to speak out the way she is. But don’t be afraid! The world depends on those brave people who are willing to stand up for the truth.

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