Epic: Ben Shapiro Schooled Pro-Hamas Activist at Oxford University

by Phil Schneider

Ignorance dressed up as a form of fake intellectualism. That is what so many of the colleges today produce. There is not really much debate going on today in colleges. That explains how a seemingly knowledgeable and serious student can actually think that in World War II, England and the United States made sure to not hurt any civilians when they bombed Germany.

History is the number one thing that is lacking among young students today. Can that be changed? With just 5-10 second tik-tok videos? The answer is that it can be changed, but not overnight. First of all, as people grow a bit older, they are able to listen and watch for a little longer than 5-10 seconds. Then, once they are able to watch and listen for at least 1-2 minutes, then the Ben Shapiros and the other clear thinkers of the world can begin to educate these confused minds.

But more than anything, those who support Hamas and other terrorist groups need to understand that they are standing with rapists, child-killers and grandma kidnappers. Nobody normal wants to be on that side. And if they do indeed want to be with them, then they are collaborators that should be called out for it.

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