Dr. Phil Made Every Jew-Hating Ivy League President Want to Resign After This Video Came Out

by Leah Rosenberg

Dr. Phil nailed it again. He grilled the Jew-hating Ivy League presidents who have allowed horrific antisemitism on their campuses.

These Ivy League Presidents Have No Response to Dr. Phil

What can the presidents of such prestigious universities answer to Dr. Phil after he made this video? What can they say to him regarding their lack of moral standards – for themselves and on their campuses? Ivy League schools are supposed to be a place of the highest educational standards. They are supposed to be a place of morality and knowledge. They are supposed to be a place where people can feel safe. And yet, Jews don’t feel safe. How can they when university presidents are allowing such horrific antisemitism? How can Jewish students feel safe when they are being harassed – physically, verbally, and emotionally?

The silence is deafening. The presidents’ lack of care for their Jewish students is terrifying. How low these Ivy League schools have sunk! How disturbing it is to see what they have become.

Dr. Phil’s video is extremely powerful. His strong support of the Jewish people and Israel is remarkable.

In contrast, the support for Hamas by so many is sickening. The support of Jew-hatred is repulsive. But the world should know that the Jewish people will win. In this war of good vs. evil, Israel, the side that represents good, will win. It is a long and difficult path, but the Jewish people have never given up before and they won’t now either. You either stand with the Jewish nation or you stand against them. Choose wisely.

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