Former CNN Anchor Gave the Most Spot-On Response to the October 7 Hamas Massacre

by Phil Schneider

Cuomo hit it on the nose. What Israel’s enemy did was to bring the ultimate traumatic terror hit on Israel. Hamas went after the Israeli women, the children, and all of the innocents – “just like the Holocaust.” Chris Cuomo understands and appreciates the fact that what was done on October 7th was exactly a one day full-fledged Holocaust. ”It was death in your face – hands-on and personal. They enjoyed mutilating…. This was absolute genocide.”  

Chris Cuomo explained that the pattern of what was done to Israel on October 7th had nothing to do with freedom or peace or a better life. ”They wanted the world to know that they wanted the Jews to burn again.” Israel is fueled by the deepest fear of genocide. 

“Israel is doing far less than it could.” He is also right about that. The Israeli people will only view what they are doing as victory if the fear of whatever is put into the Arabs in Israel’s midst so that they realize that they will be killed if they dare plot to kill Israelis again. 

The bottom line is that Israel and the entire Western world are both deeply involved in a battle between good and evil. Radical Islam is the evil that must be fought mercilessly. Those who see things through that prism will surely stand with Israel. Those who see this as a human rights issue will easily get confused into thinking that Arabs actually give a hoot about human rights and that the Arabs attacked because of their own human rights struggles. That is all hogwash. Nobody rapes and mutilates a woman as a response to feeling that their own human rights have been violated. Nobody kills babies because of human rights violations. Cuomo is right in noting that people need to see the 47 minutes of footage if they are not convinced as of yet. This is not a mere border skirmish. It is a battle between good and evil.   

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