Do Bernie Sanders and surrogate Linda Sarsour have clashing views about Israel?

by Gavriel Dan

Bernie Sanders has found a staunch supporter in Linda Sarsour, who is an outspoken anti-Israel activist. She has even endorsed Sanders for President. But there is one difference at least on the surface that they have.

Linda Sarsour has said that “Support for Israel is unacceptable in the progressive movement.” But Bernie Sanders, the person she endorsed for President said the following in the Jewish Currents magazine: “I think it is important for everyone, but particularly for progressives, to acknowledging the enormous achievement of establishing Democratic homeland for the Jewish people after centuries of displacement and persecution.”

Sanders goes on to say: “It is true that some criticism of Israel can cross the line into anti-Semitism, especially when it denies the right of self determination to Jews, or when it plays into conspiracy theories of out sized Jewish power. I will always call out anti-semitism when I see it.”

Despite her endorsement Sarsour appears to disagree with Sanders. She said this: “Ask those who call themselves Progressive Zionists to explain to you…how you can be against White Supremacy in America and the idea of being in a state based on race and class, but then you support a state like Israel, which is based on supremacy, that is built on the idea that Jews are supreme to anyone else.”

There is only one question that remains after reading both of their comments. Why is Linda so comfortable endorsing Bernie Sander when their views on Israel are so different?

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