Israeli UN Ambassador calls out UN for neglecting Jewish refugees

by Leah Rosenberg

The Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Dannon is requesting that the United Nations recognize Jewish refugees who were expelled from Arab countries.

Israeli UN Ambassador’s Resolution

Danny Dannon has decided to combat the fact that the UN ignores Jewish refugees. Of course, the UN is set to go over resolutions created by the “Palestinian” Authority against Israel. One of those resolutions talks about the “Palestinian” right of return. The Israeli UN Ambassador has had enough of the United Nations focusing solely on the “plight” of the Arabs. So he is bringing forth a resolution asking the UN to recognize Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

What’s the Truth about Refugees?

Do you want to know the truth about refugees? The so-called “Palestinian” refugees are in fact not refugees at all. They fled their homes deliberately in 1948. The Arab countries should have taken them in. But somehow, generations later, they are still considered refugees.

Yet the Jews, about 800,000, have been expelled from Arab countries or forced to leave because of persecution. They have made homes for themselves, many in Israel. The “Palestinians” were not forced by Israelis to leave. They chose to. The Jews WERE forced to leave the Arab countries. No one considers them refugees though. Why the double standard?

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