Remember the Night of Broken Glass

by Avi Abelow

The Night of Broken Glass, or Kristallnacht, took place on the night of November 9-10, 1938. The horrors carried out by the Nazis cannot be forgotten.

The Night of Broken Glass

The Night of Broken Glass is also called Kristallnacht. It took place 81 years ago throughout Germany and Austria. This night was a horrific night where the Nazis burned synagogues, broke windows of Jewish owned stores and businesses, looted Jewish possessions, and killed the innocent. They went on a rampage with the intention to destroy – people and property.

It is unimaginable that Kristallnacht would not be the worst of what was to come. It is also unimaginable that it all began with boycotting Jewish businesses. Does that sound familiar to anyone? The BDS Movement is trying to do the exact same thing that the Nazis did.

Never Forget

People throw around the phrase “Never Forget.” Yet, it sometimes feels like many have forgotten. The fact that an entire movement like the BDS Movement can exist with the intention to destroy the Jewish state and Jewish people shows that people have forgotten. The BDS Movement claims they are standing up for the rights of “Palestinians,” but they are not. They use myths about the Jewish people to spread their hatred. BDS activists lie about Israel to brainwash anyone who will listen.

Georg Stefan Troller was forced to flee Vienna because of the Nazis. He said, “Things previously frowned upon by the state were suddenly permitted. Anything was permitted. We had become fair game. They could do to us whatever they wanted.”

It is alarming how fast things can progress.

Arab Incitement
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