Did the Supreme Court Just Hold an Illegal Hearing?

by Avi Abelow

Today, Israel’s Supreme Court held a preceding on an issue that it actually has no standing to involve itself in, hence, it was very much an illegal hearing. On top of that, some of the Supreme Court justices exhibited how they are more puppets than independent thinkers, exposing how much of a joke they are.

Why illegal? Because the Supreme Court has no legal right to even hold a proceeding on a basic law, hence it is illegal, and regardless of the justices’ decision, the proceeding itself is a final mail in the coffin of Israeli democracy because they have proven that they are a judicial dictatorship with no checks and balances, they can cancel any law, for whatever unreasonable reason that they see fit.

Why are (most of the) Supreme Court justices a joke? Because the Supreme Court justices are proving that they are puppets, with no critical thinking, and without independence. How so?

They are right now, by use of this hearing, trying to legally turn part of Israel’s Declaration of Independence into a constitution!

Now, Israel’s Declaration of Independence is our Declaration of Independence which did exactly that – it declared our independence! It does not mention the word democracy and it does not contain the word “constitution”. Yet, todays judges are in using this hearing to de facto turn parts of it into a constitution, hence giving them the power to cancel basic laws. That is a serious legal acrobatic maneuver.

How stupid do they think people are? 75 years since our establishment, with the public accepting the Declaration of Independence as a Declaration of Independence and now, 75 years later, a Supreme Court deciding to de facto turn it into a constitution! Out of thin air? No vote from the representative of the people, the parliament???

See how they have turned themselves into a judicial dictatorship?

If it was actually a constitution it would have been treated as such for the past 75 years! But it hasn’t and it’s not.

How ironic, that just last week, former Chief Justice Aharon Barak, the head person who began back in the 1990s the true unjust constitutional revolution, turning the Supreme Court into the judicial dictatorship it is today, wrote an article dictating this exact strategy for the sitting Supreme Court justices…that they should turn the Declaration of Independence a constitution!

The Supreme Court is acting like a total clownhouse, with the judges exposing themselves as poodles of a former Supreme Court Justice who is still pulling the strings!

To many, what we are witnessing today is the leftist, socialist, anti-Jewish elite’s total control over Israeli policy. Regardless of what government the people vote for, the elite will always be able to stop any law, policy or appointment they don’t like, as they have been doing for years, except from today even more so in the name “of the law”.

However, I believe we are witnessing the exact opposite. This is the turning point of a long process of the people regaining the power and returning the Supreme Court, and justice system to their normative position, as a purveyor of interpreting and judging laws, not overturning laws and running the social/value system of society. That is the role of the people via their elected officials. Not the role of the courts.

It will still be a long, hard process, and I can’t detail exactly how it will happen. However, now that the true situation of a judicial dictatorship has become exposed, the beginning of its end has also begun. No all-powering dictatorship lasts forever. Eventually, the people wake up and put an end to it.

Until now, most people were in the clouds about this reality. Today, thanks to the outright hypocrisy of the judges and the justice system, more people are awake to this reality.

I will continue calling out and explaining the outright injustice of the Supreme Court and justice system, but at the same time I’m optimistic that the necessary changes will happen sooner than we think.

The most ironic thing about this situation is that I have no problem with turning the Declaration of Independence into a constitution. It mentions the word Jewish 16 times, emphasizing that Israel was established as a Jewish state for the Jewish people, giving freedom & equality to all citizens despite their identity. The term democracy is not written once, because Israel was not founded to be a democracy, it was founded to be a Jewish state! A democratic governance system was instituted, but there is no equality between Israel as a Jewish state and a democratic state. The Declaration of Independence is quite clear, Israel was established to be a Jewish state. Period. A Jewish state that protects rights for all. And how do we do that? Using a democratic goverence system.

However, what are the Supreme Court judges doing right now in this hearing? Cherry picking the parts of the Declaration of Independence that they want to be our never accepted or voted upon constitution. It is seriously insane. They have the unoted, unjust and illegal audacity to only choose the certain parts of the declaration if independence dealing with equal rights as the official constitution. Guess which parts they are choosing to leave out? The 16 mentions of Israel as a Jewish state for the Jewish people!!! Which is the main message of the declaration of Independence!

The fact that that’s the Court’s intent encapsulates the whole situation in Israel today. It’s a struggle between a tiny, disconnected, anti-Jewish elite, in the name of “protecting democracy”, who do not want Israel to be a Jewish state, versus a majority of Israeli Jews who want Israel to be a strong Jewish state with a thriving democratic governance system.

This is the absolute insanity of the justice system that must come to an end ASAP, and that insanity will come to an end, just not as quickly as we would like.

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

For more on the issue of the Declaration of Independence and the judicial reform watch this video.

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