Remarkable: Famous Israeli Singer Makes History at Madison Square Garden

by Leah Rosenberg

This is absolutely unbelievable. Ishay Ribo is a famous Israeli singer who has wowed the world with his music. Check this out!

Famous Israeli Singer Ishay Ribo

There are many Israeli singers. And yes, many are famous. But there is something about Ishay Ribo that makes him a very unique famous Israeli singer. He is an Orthodox Jew. He is religious and sings about G-d and Judaism. His lyrics are honest and beautiful. His music is so good that you just can’t get enough of it once you start listening. And what is so amazing is that even those who are not religious love his music. He has touched the souls of Jews worldwide. Not so many people have the ability to connect to people all the way from the secular to the ultra-Orthodox. But Ishay has that extremely special quality.

He has touched people’s souls so much that his Madison Square Garden concert was completely sold out. It is something truly remarkable.

And what is so incredible is that Ishay Ribo is spreading the beauty of Judaism through his music. He is making a Kiddish Hashem – sanctifying the name of G-d. His lyrics and music are all holy. He turns to G-d. And he publicly shows that to the world. Ribo outwardly expresses his connection to and love of Judaism. Think about how many people he has reached through his music. Think about how many people have connected to Judaism just by singing his stunning lyrics. It’s amazing what music has the power to do!

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