Dershowitz calls Jeremy Corbyn a “Virulent Anti-Semite” in Live TV Interview about President Trump

by Avi Abelow

Channel 4 TV host asked Professor Dershowitz “what happened to the moral backbone of America”. This was in reference to the recent news of President Trump’s “hush money” payments. The Professor lost no time in shocking the host with his answer. He pointed out that Britain, with a “virulent anti-semite” in the position to run the country, is in no position to question America’s morality. Basically, the Professor was highlighting the questionable morality of Britians in allowing an anti-semite like Corbyn to be a potential national leader. Pointing out that they have no credibility to question the morality of America.

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“Where is the moral backbone of Great Britain to have as the head of the Labour Party a virulent anti-Semite, a virulent hater of Jews and the nation state of the Jewish people.

“Don’t lecture us about our political system as long as you have Jeremy Corbyn who may potentially become the next Prime Minister of England. Shame on Great Britain for allowing that to come to pass.”

Even More Dershowitz on Corbyn

This is the second interview this week that Prof. Dershowitz has focused on Jeremy Corbyn as a virulent anti-semite.

In an earlier interview with i24 news Dershowitz said the following.

“British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is not concerned about the Palestinians. Rather, he is driven by anti-Semitism, says renowned international lawyer and academic Alan Dershowitz.”

Full Channel 4 Interview on President Trump

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