Knife Attack in Paris by a “Suspected Extremist”. ISIS Claims Responsibility

by Avi Abelow

A “suspected extremist” by the French authorities killed his mother and sister in a knife attack screaming “Allahu akbar” in Trappes, a suburb in Paris. He was then shot to death by the Paris police. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Knife Attack

A 36-year-old man stabbed his mother and sister, killing them, and injuring a third person. This tool place in a parking lot of a supermarket in Trappes, a suburb of Paris. After the stabbing, the attacker then ran to a nearby building threatening “If you come in here I’ll smoke you all.” The police then gunned him down and killed him.

The condition of the injured person is not known.

ISIS Claims Responsibility

French police say that he was previously flagged as a suspected extremist of radical Islamic ideology.

The attack took place just hours after ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi urged his supporters worldwide to attack its enemies everywhere, in an unverified audio recording.

After the stabbing in Paris today, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Terror Attack?

As of this moment, it is still unclear whether this was a Muslim terror attack or not.

There are those saying that it was not a Muslim terror attack, falsely claimed by ISIS, but rather a domestic abuse attack.

Some reports have recorded that an emergency phone call was made to the authorities suggesting it was a domestic dispute. And he killed his mother and sister, not a normal terror attack in the name of Islam

The French Interior Minister has also publicly said that the stabber had “serious psychiatric problems”.

However, the stabber shouted “Allahu akbar”, even though he was killing his mother and sister. Also, a French security source as said that the attacker was known to “apologise” for terrorism. “Since 2016 he has been noted for his support for terrorist acts but this does not mean today’s attack was motivated by terrorism.”

Finally, it is also known that Muslims do kill relatives, even close relatives for honor killings, disrespecting the family honor and religious disputes.

It event is still very worrying. This man had two strikes against him, both a known “radical extremist Muslim” and known “serious psychiatric problems”. Yet he was out free with knives able to murder his own mother and sister.

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