Hamas used fake rocket alert app to target Israeli cellphones

by Leah Rosenberg

Cyber security has become one of the main aspects of warfare in the modern age. Even Hamas now engages in this field. If it will hurt Israel and the Jewish people, Hamas is for it.

2nd in the world in cyber security

Cyber security in Israel is a huge issue. But it goes way beyond the military and national security.
Israeli hi-tech firms account for the 2nd largest amount of cyber security deals in the world.  Times of Israel reports that over the last 5 years, Israel was only 2nd to the United States in cyber security business deals.  If you bear in mind the size of Israel’s economy compared to other world economies, this is a staggering fact.

The field of cyber security includes search for fraud, cloud security, crowd-sourced security, and infrastructure defense systems.

2017 in the world of cyber

According to Tech Crunch, in 2017, there were less new Israeli startups in the field.  However, the amount of money invested in the companies grew by 16% to $3.3 million as the average seed round.  This increase is the 4th year in a row of increases for Israel.

Techcrunch reported that the decrease in new startups is a sign of the industry maturing.  Meaning, since the field is already a crowded space, and the cyber security products need to be more complex and robust, it is natural that larger companies will thrive in the field.  It is less about brand new ideas and more about sophisticated solutions from sustainable companies.

Hamas is nothing more than a fly in the room when it comes to the cyber battles against Israel.  However, sometimes the fly gets stuck in something important and messes things up a bit.  So, Israel must be vigilant with these annoyances too.



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