Dennis Prager: The Iran Nuke Deal Was One of the Worst Deals in History

by Phil Schneider

How big a deal was the threat from Iran? Did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu overstate the threat of Iran’s building of a nuclear bomb? Or was it indeed a threat that put a cloud over the entire Middle East, Europe and perhaps more?

We may never truly know just how dangerous the Iranian threat was. It looks as if President Trump’s harsh economic sanctions are truly having an effect on the Iranian economy. In addition, once the bold decision to take out the main Iranian mastermind behind Iran’s financing of world terror was carried out, Iran looks like a shell of it’s old self. Protests fill the streets, and the Iranian leadership knows that if it responds ruthlessly, the entire Western world may come down even harder on it, and they may lose their grip on power. Iran is now rather stuck in their plans of how to proceed, and really doesn’t have any good options.

It is startling that all of this was accomplished in a span of just 3 years by the Trump administration. There is nothing illogical about opposing part of President Trump’s policies and wholeheartedly supporting his stance on Iran. It is basically crystal clear that the Middle East is in a much better place today than it was under the Obama administration. Yes, President Trump needs to be thanked. But, really, this is the most important accomplishment of the Netanyahu era. He never stopped focusing on Iran as the #1 threat that faced Israel. They funded Hamas and Hizbullah while arming themselves to the teeth and building a nuclear bomb. A big part of this was accomplished thanks the failed Iranian deal. That is now gone and the world can breathe more easily – at least on the Iranian issue.

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