Mike Huckabee Interviews a Holocaust Hero That Will Make You Cry

by Phil Schneider

Concentration Camp survivors are a breed of their own. They are nearly always the sole survivors of their family. Somehow, they miraculously lived through hell despite all odds. They went through so much and what they say, we must listen to and learn the lessons from what happened such a short time ago. These people faced death countless times, but they live today so that we can learn from them.

Those who deny the Holocaust do not need to be engaged. They need to be labeled as liars. But those who survived need to be trumpeted and amplified for as long as possible as they are able to speak up and represent the 6 million who cannot speak for themselves. The main messages to learn from the Holocaust are the following:

  1. The world is a dangerous place. We need to take the threats of small dictators very seriously. When they threaten annihilation, they mean it. Before they can gain alot of power, they need to be quashed.
  2. Although allies to the Jewish people exist, the Jewish people cannot rely on anyone accept themselves to defend themselves. The Jewish people are the eternal scapegoat for the entire world.

Racism does not grow in a vacuum. It is cultivated through a powerful network of education and propaganda. The key to fighting racism is via anti-racist education and exposure of hatred. The key is not to silence racists, but to expose them for what they stand for. Racism did not go away in World War II – it spread across the world, and continues to fester. There is nothing more dangerous to the growth of racism than the exposure of what racists truly plan on doing in this world.

Nazism may not be the force today that it was in World War II, but the same forces of evil exist in different forms today. We must never forget the lessons from the Holocaust.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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