Jewish Democrats Are Finally Leaving the Party of FDR

by Gavriel Dan

As the Democratic veers to the far left and becomes increasingly anti-Israel, once proud Jewish Democrats are leaving the party.

It wasn’t long ago that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism were fringe opinions on the Left. After all from Stanley Hoyer to Elliot Engel, the Democratic Party seemed to be fully in support of the Jewish State.

Opinions such as Rep. Ilhan Omar’s that the Jews were controlling the US government would have been unthinkable in the Democratic Party of Bill Clinton. Today it is different. The far left has essentially set the agenda for the party and those wanting to keep power have to toe the line. This is why many life long Jewish Democrats are leaving the party of their parents and grandparents, because they simply have had enough?

Joining the Republicans?

Not so fast. Many of these Jewish Democrats maybe dropping their party affiliation, but not yet ready to take the leap into the Republican party. That being said, the great Jexit might just be enough to change politics in the Jewish community for the foreseeable future.

Dr. Risch

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