Dennis Prager Predicted This Would Happen In 2019

by Phil Schneider

One can agree or disagree with Dennis Prager on an issue. But logical he is. And when he makes what seems like an outlandish statement about where things are at and where they are going, it should not be overlooked. He properly saw that things were not just spinning out of control among the radical left. They were way beyond the level of rational discourse. We have reached the level of the absurd,

Men are not women, and women are not women. For thousands of years, this has been an obvious truth. Today, this is a point of debate. Young teenage men and women on Universities across the United States are taught by professors and their peers that feelings do overcome facts. Actually, facts don’t matter anymore. All that matters are feelings. So, if a person feels like a gay dog, they have the right to be a gay canine. There are no red lines, and facts just don’t matter anymore.

Well, that is what is called chaos and absurdity. Bill Maher used to laugh at people like Dennis Prager on this matter. Today, Maher is basically echoing the same message. The biggest threat to the world today is not any one person like Putin. It is the willful detachment from reality that has grabbed so many of the young people today.

The way to solve this problem is to explain, via satire, to the younger generation, what the ramifications of the chaotic and absurd ideologies that they have adopted are. This is a monumental task. But it is the most effective way. Intellectual facts no longer sway so much of the younger generation. If their emotions are not tapped into, they will not open their hearts. If their hearts are closed, then the path to their minds will be closed too. Bill Maher is a treasure of normalcy in today’s day and age. He wakes up to changes a bit late, but when he sees the light, he hits things right on the nose.

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