IDF Soldier’s Stop Another Attempted Terror Attack in Samaria

by Avi Abelow

Another terror attack. This time in Samaria near the “Brigade” square.

Thankfully the IDF soldiers saw him approaching and shot him before he was able to hurt either of them. According to video footage, the terrorist was walking around the area for an hour looking for any Israeli standing alone to attack.

Unfortunately, the terrorist was only shot in the lower part of his body and he lives another day to earn a salary from the Palestinian Authority, earn a University degree while in Israeli prison and potentially be released to try again another day.

This is our new reality with blatant Jew-hating antisemitic terror violence against us out of a religious Muslim fervor further motivated as our authorities exhibit total weakness in every single way.

Our Muslim enemies in the Middle East are taught that our presence in our ancestral homeland is like a spider’s web, that while it looks strong, it can easily be destroyed. Hence, as they sense the weakness of our government, they believe it means our end is nearing as well.

They are wrong. The Jewish people are strong, much stronger than our weak leadership, and we will overcome our enemies no matter how weak our leadership is.

Caroline Glick on Settlements

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