The Tragic Story Of A Motorbike That Brought People Together

by Phil Schneider

This is such a special story of how a group of motorcyclists came together to bring back the bike of Vyacheslav Golev, the security guard from Ariel who was murdered. Golev, like thousands of other Israelis, work as security guards because Israel lives with a constant threat of homicide from so many of it’s Arab neighbors.

Whenever Israel is criticized for having so many checkpoints and security checks, the question needs to be asked, “Why does Israel need to stop the lives of so many people?” The answer is super clear. Israel has to make sure that the terrorists don’t succeed. It’s that simple.

Why does every normal country have checkpoints before allowing people on airplanes? It’s the same thing. The stakes are just too high. Israel, and all countries that properly care about it’s citizens, need to employ whatever security precautions necessary in order to protect it’s citizenry. Israel faces a major internal threat of terrorism, far greater than many other countries. So, a good job for a young ex-soldier is a job as a security guard. It’s a growing field in Israel.

This tragic story is both heart-wrenching and heart-warming. Israel, despite it’s seeming fractiousness, is actually, a rather united country. It is united in it’s battle for life against the dark forces that fight against it’s very existence.

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