Jews Being Attacked in New York City by Muslims Shouting “Free Palestine”

by Avi Abelow

Several Jewish men have been attacked in Brooklyn, NY over the past few days in a spate of antisemitic Jew-hating hate crimes. Jew-hating antisemitic acts are rising all across the US, and around the world, at an alarming rate to the point where it is becoming almost commonplace to hear about attacks occurring against Jewish individuals.

It’s about time everyone internalizes the simple fact that the whole fake cause called “palestine” is the biggest Jew-hating antisemitic movement ever in all of history. By the Jewish/Israel community and the world turning a blind eye to this fact, they turn a blind eye to the most hateful global Jew-hating movement ever.

Why is it ok for Jews to be attacked in New York because of a political situation in Israel? It has nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with a virtue-signaling excuse to attack innocent Jews. Period.

It is impossible for Jews around the world or in Israel to fight “antisemitism”. There is no enemy to stand up against. However, the moment the fake cause called “palestine” is defined as the Jew-hating antisemitic movment it is, the easier it will be for Jews all around the world, and for Israel, to be empowered to stand up to it.

Step one is that Jewish and Israeli leaders must formally recognize that the peace process is dead, because it was never alive to begin with. It always was a trojan horse process for the anti-Israel powers of the world to kill Jews and bring about the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

The good news is that they will fail. We are here to stay. The sooner our leaders recognize “palestine” as a Jew-hating antisemitic movement, the sooner we can save Jews from the growing acts of violence against us all.

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