New Yorkers Chant in the Streets: “From New York to Palestine, globalize the intifada.”

by Avi Abelow

This is what was chanted the other day in New York City in commemoration of the anniversary of the “Nakba” (catastrophe), referring to the founding of the State of Israel and to the Arab Muslim world’s failure to massacre the Jews and throw us into the sea in the war they launched against the fledgling Jewish State of Israel in 1948.

The intifada refers to violence against Jews that the Arab Muslims have been using against us in Israel for decades. What do you think these chants mean “From New York to Palestine, globalize the intifada?” They want people to use that same terrorizing violence against Jews everywhere.

This is blatant calls inciting to violence. These protestors should be arrested. These protests should be banned as illegally inciting the public to violence. Yet, not only are these protests growing, political support for the messages of these protests is growing amongst US politicians as well.

Once again, we see how the fake-cause called “palestine” is a Jew-hating anti-semitic movement that encourages violence against Jews for just being Jews, and is automatically associated with Israel.

As I like to say to people who legitimize the nakba, happy nakba day. They are commemorating their failure to massacre all the Jews in Israel in 1948. I believe that is sick and warped, but at least they failed. And they continue to fail in trying to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. No matter how much they try, we are here to stay as a blessing to all of humanity. The day will soon come when we will put an end to their terror and violence. Hold on to your faith.

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