IDF Preparing Largest Ever Military Drill to strike Iran as part of Multi-front War

by Avi Abelow

As the nuclear talks between the United States, under the Biden administration, and Iran are still up in the air, Israel is not sitting around waiting. Unfortunately, even though a military nuclear threat from Iran threatens the whole freedom-loving world, under the current international conditions, Israel is the only country in the world acting to reduce Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

In its largest-ever military drill, Israel is preparing a simulated attack on Iranian nuclear targets.

Thousands of Israeli troops and reservists are taking part in this military drill, called ‘Chariots of Fire’.

Israel is planning military options against Iran, just in case nuclear talks between the West & the Islamic republic fail.

This is more than just a military operation to stop a nuclear Iran. Rather Israel is preparing for a multifront war on all the borders, as well as internal violence from Arab Israeli citizens. Alongside the air force drills, the IDF also plans to simulate rioting from Israeli Arab Muslim citizens at twice the levels seen during the 11-day Gaza war (2021).

While this is just a simulation right now, this is exactly how Israel envisions a potential future conflict.

As for the nuclear talks between Iran and world powers, spearheaded by the United States, IDF officials believe the sides have reached a dead end. Regardless, the Biden administration has sent messages to Israel that it wants to exhaust all diplomatic avenues with Iran before giving up.

The preparations for the “Chariots of Fire” IDF simulation began around six months ago. It was initially intended to be held throughout May 2021 but it was postponed and later canceled altogether due to Operation Guardian of the Walls in Gaza. We imagine, that the original plans did not include preparation for dealing with internal violence from Arab Israeli citizens. However, the Arab Israeli riots during the May 2021 operation brought to light the serious threat of fifth-column violence as well.

Due to the current rise in terror attacks, IDF officials considered canceling the drill again but ultimately decided to hold it while accounting for the present situation.

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