A Mom Is Fighting A Legal Battle Over Critical Race Theory Curriculum

by Phil Schneider

What do you go to school for? Isn’t this a simple question with a simple answer? Not anymore. It is a subject of a heated debate in school board meetings and in homes across America. It shouldn’t be so complicated, but now it is.

School is where you learn to read and write. School is where you pick up the skills to succeed in the world via basic things like arithmetic, science, and history. No longer. Today, the schools, on the elementary school level, have become battlegrounds to control the minds of young American kids. Ideas such as racial identity, gender identity, and other newly formed ideals, have become front and center issues to be discussed openly by teachers with their students as part of new curriculum changes.

It is working on the kids. But it will have a boomerang effect on the adults. Parents hate being told what their children should be taught. The Virginia election of Glenn Youngkin as Governor will serve as the prototype for many House and Senate elections in 2022. The mid-term election slogan in many races will be all about parents deciding what to teach their children, and “parents supporting candidates.”

The family unit and the character of families are under attack in America. The Supreme Court will not be the savior, nor will the answers come from the top down. Only a grassroots, tea-party like push back of the racist critical race theory movement and a push back of the anti-reality movement of the transgender movement will succeed in turning back the clock. It’s not too late, but much damage to the younger generation is already going on.

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