WHO Envoy: “The Pandemic Is Not Over”

by David Mark

Avi Yemini of Rebel News interviewed David Nabarro, the WHO Corona Envoy in Davos. The interview was not planned and yet offered a glimpse of how the global elite have used health as a control mechanism.

While Nabarro has insisted he does not represent the WHO, he has had a long history of employment by the WHO and is intimately involved with its inner workings. Although most people around the world feel that COVID-19 is long gone, Nabarro and other elitists insist we have not seen the worst yet.

“We’ve actually been going down in terms of numbers around the world for the last four to six weeks,” Dr. Nabarro said.

“There will be a surge in Ireland as well as in the British isles, and that may lead to quite a lot of illness in hospitals again.”

Echoing Nabarro, vaccine backer and high ranking member of the global elite, Bill Gates, said the following: “We’re still at risk of this pandemic generating a variant that would be even more transmissive and even more fatal.”

Nabarro has a long history dealing with diseases. From malaria to ebola, Nabarro has been front and center in the WHO and around the world in mitigating these diseases. The question though, is how much of what Nabarro engages in, is scare tactics that ultimately rewards him with more and more job security?

Although Nabarro insisted in his impromptu interview with Yemini that he does not believe in vaccine mandates – when it comes to other vaccines it certainly appears he believes in wielding vaccines as a real tool.

“My main request to everybody — please get your child vaccinated, please talk to the local nurse or doctor about vaccination options. It really matters. It’s so important. And with measles, the more people who get vaccinated, the more likely we are to get the whole measles outbreaks under control.”

Nabarro’s latest is a new global measles outbreak.

Nabarro claims that there are 73 million cases of measles around the world and the number is climbing. “[It’s] meant that this year, in the first few months there have been 17,000 cases of measles globally, whereas in the first two months of the previous years, it’s usually been lower — 10,000 or less.”

Nabarro and the WHO got it wrong when it came to Corona and it appears. Peddling fear is more import than getting it right.

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