Biden Gambles Wrong In Ukraine

by Gavriel Dan

From the beginning of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Western leaders had promised to isolate Russia until ordinary Russians would decide to overthrow Vladimir Putin. They also assured their populaces that Russia was losing the war.

Both of these were wrong and what we are finding out now is that it is Russia who is now winning the war in Ukraine and it is the West who is feeling the boomerang effects of their ill conceived sanctions. Given all of this, Russia is opening its doors to economic alliances as well and international relationships.

Biden’s team clearly gambled wrong. They believed their own lies about Russian losses and how if they can just give Ukraine a bit more weapons, Zelnsky and his government might be able to hold on. But Zelensky never truly had a chance

Biden’s inability to understand this has led the USA and much of the West off the proverbial cliff.

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