Crash course in the Golden Age of the kingdom of Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The kingdom of Israel is thousands of years old. The government of modern Israel is not the same, but it continues the Jewish control of the land of Israel!

The Kingdom of Israel

The actual kingdom of Israel has not existed for a while now. Eventually, the Messiah, a descendent of King David, will come and bring back the peace in the world.

But until then, we have the Israeli government. Sometimes, it does not always feel so peaceful. Sometimes, there are disagreements. Mistakes are made. Some leaders have not always had the interest of the Israeli people in mind. And some leaders have not always included G-d in the picture.

But that does not mean the Jewish people should have a negative view of the government of Israel. We should be thankful that we have the opportunity to create a government. We should be thankful that G-d gave the Jewish people control over the land of Israel once again!

Things are not always perfect. We may even be far from perfect. But focusing on the negative won’t do anyone good.

The Continuation of History

What is happening now in Israel and to Jews throughout the world is just a continuation of Jewish history – the thousands of years of history. It’s a beautiful thing if you think about it. The time period we are in now is just another link in the chain of the history of Israel and the Jews. It is an unbroken chain. There are rougher parts of the chain and smoother parts, but it is all part of one chain, one history.

Arab Incitement
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