The secrets behind police protecting Jerusalem’s Old City

by Phil Schneider

How do Israel’s police control violence in and around the Old City of Jerusalem? This is a very racially charged issue. The police are absolutely on the front-lines. There are radicalized Arabs who walk in narrow alleyways right next to the security forces. There is a constant state of tension – sometimes low-level, and sometimes, in a major way. Everybody is indeed a suspect. There have literally been thousands of attempted terror attacks in this area in the last few decades.

Outside of the walls is the key. Once the Old City has a terrorist inside of it’s alleyways, it can get very hairy to catch and apprehend a terrorist. So, modern technology is used to carefully observe all of the activity right outside the Old City walls. The officers have one goal – to save lives. They are not focused on the feelings of potential terrorists and on politically correct attitudes. They don’t focus on things like racially profiling. They just look for anything suspicious. This is the key to their success. Technology helps, tons of patience too. But the key is a clear goal to save lives.

As opposed to the progressive attitude that focuses on feelings and fairness of rioters, in Israel, the law and order norms that the police carry out are a given that are accepted as an absolute necessity. This is something that has been taken for granted in many countries. Without proper law and order, the social fabric of a society does indeed fall apart. Police work does require some understanding of delicate situations and does not always need to be handled by force. But as long as things like sanctuary cities and no-police zones are norms in certain areas, chaos will reign. Thank God, Israel is a country where everyone – including the Arabs – understands that chaos is the #1 enemy.

Dr. Risch

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