Candace Owens asks the questions that Americans refuse to answer

by Leah Rosenberg

Candace Owens is absolutely brilliant. She not only shares the truth, but she does it with the facts. Everyone needs to hear her speak.

Candace Owens Wants Answers

Candace Owens could not have said it any better. She asks Black Americans as well as all Americans the hard questions that they don’t want to answer.

And that’s the thing – they refuse to answer the questions. They refuse to hear the truth and respond appropriately. None of their responses make sense, and that is exactly what Owens points out in this video. Their response to truth is to wreak more havoc.

She asks them what they really want. What do they want America to look like? What are they trying to get out of these violent riots and protests? What do they think will happen if the police force is defunded? None of these people really think about the consequences to their actions. They constantly blame others instead of blaming themselves for creating the problems.

An Upside Down World

Candace Owens points out something else. We live in an upside down world right now. Right is wrong and wrong is right. The criminals are treated like heroes and the heroes are treated like criminals. Acts of kindness are condemned and acts of crime are encouraged.

Is the world perfect? No. But that doesn’t mean that people need to contribute to the evil or encourage it.

It is frightening when there is bad in the world. It is even more frightening when people think it is good.

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