Hidden Camera Reveals Shocking Truth about What Arabs Think about Israel & Sovereignty

by Avi Abelow

Israeli journalist Tzvi Yechezkeli drove through the Palestinian Authority managed area of Judea & Samaria with a hidden camera. He spoke to local Arab Muslims asking them about the plan for Israel to apply sovereignty in Judea & Samaria. The answers he received go against everything Middle East “experts are telling the world! This is incredible and mind-opening for all who truly are interested in peace and truth!

One of the amazing quotes from this hidden camera: “If there were elections in the Palestinian Authority between Abu-Mazen (the head of the Palestinian Authority) and Bibi Netanyahu, who would you vote for?” “Bibi!”

Caroline Glick tweets: What do the Palestinians think of Israel’s sovereignty plan? Truth? They really like it. In this video you’ll see what the Palestinians have to say. Very different from what the international left and the PLO want you to think.

Palestinian Authority Evil

After this program aired, the people who were filmed were arrested by the Palestinian Authority to be punished for saying what they said.

Is this the type of regime the world wants to allow to have their own sovereign country? Where they don’t only kill us Jews, but also oppress their own people?

Col. Kemp

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