COVID-19 and racism have nothing to do with each other – unless you’re Obama

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, Obama made headlines again. He gave a commencement speech for those graduating. And he somehow got on the topic of COVID-19 and…racism?

Why Connect COVID-19 & Racism?

It really makes no sense. COVID-19 has nothing to do with racism. Why even connect the two? Why make something about racism when it is most definitely not? Because that’s what some people do to fuel the fire that should never have existed to begin with.

Ben Shapiro responded to former President Barak Obama’s commencement speech perfectly. The commencement speech should have been about something different. Obama had the opportunity to say whatever he wanted, and he chose to badmouth President Trump and talk about racism and coronavirus. There are so many issues with what he did, and Shapiro addresses the problems with the speech.

Lying and saying racism is the reason for coronavirus hitting a certain community harder is not beneficial for anyone – especially not for graduates looking for inspiration for their futures. Instead, it feeds them lies and can breed anger and resentment. There is nothing inspiring and uplifting about that.

Belittling Racism

If you think about it, Obama belittled racism. Because he spread a false narrative about racism and America and created a story about a racist situation where there was none, he undermined situations when there truly IS racism.

How can a former president do such a thing? For people who have experienced real racism, they should be outraged by Obama’s speech. They should really be outraged by Obama in general.

Racism is real. It exists. But America is not a racist country as a whole. And the disparities of those affected by COVID-19 have nothing to do with racism, as Shapiro so brilliantly pointed out.

Let’s all try to make sure we have our facts straight before assuming that a former president is saying something truthful. Because sadly, it seems that his personal agenda is more important than honesty.

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