Terrorists Place Deadly Trap in Local Spring

by Avi Abelow

Look what the IDF soldiers find in one of our local springs used as a natural pool by locals.

Now with the hot summer weather beginning, Jews across Judea & Samaria are visiting amazing and refreshing local natural springs to cool down, enjoy nature and relax.

It is extremely sad and infuriating to see that our local Arab Muslim neighboring are using this new terror tactic against us of placing barbed wire underwater in one of the local springs. Jews daily visit the hundreds of natural springs across the beautiful hills and valleys of Judea & Samaria. This summer, before we can go in our natural spring waters with our kids, we now have to all look very closely for deadly traps, placed by our neighboring terrorist enemies.

Just Some of our Local Springs

Just this week, I took my kids to enjoy some of the local springs we have in our area, only minutes away from our home, in the Judean Hills. This is just two of many springs just in our area. It is so sad, that now we have to be careful and check first before jumping in.

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