ISRAEL ON THE BRINK: Another Coronavirus Lockdown Is Coming

by Micha Gefen

The severity of Israel’s first lockdown may have blunted the original spread of the coronavirus, earning Israel high marks for its response, but the explosion of new cases now cast a shadow on how the country reopened.

New restrictions include a limitation on gatherings as well as leisure businesses like bars, gyms, and restaurants. With the economy only just beginning to recover, the prospect of another lockdown is creating fear across the board.

In a bit of a twist and a sign of how much Israel’s bloated government has mismanaged coronavirus, Defense Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz has been ordered to go into quarantine after being exposed to someone who has the virus.

With fear gripping the medical establishment and hospitals in Israel, the government must find a solution to curbing the virus while keeping most of the economy open.

Animosity Against Bennett Preventing Capable Coronavirus Response

Former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett was seen as a successful leader in handling the coronavirus during the first wave. He was able to juggle both the coronavirus as well as take charge against Iran. Gantz has fallen fall short in his current tenure as Defense Chief. There has been a quiet movement afoot lobbying for the return of Bennett to head up Israel’s response to crisis. However, Netanyahu is refraining from bringing his rival back in out of fear of empowering him for the future.

Although it is not yet clear if a full lockdown will be implemented or just city focused lockdowns, one thing is obvious – the bigger and more disjointed the government, the greater lack of success in handling important issues.

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