Conflict Between Israel and Russia Has Arrived

by Micha Gefen

The Russia-Israel relationship had been considered an amazing achievement by most observers. Former Prime Minister Netanyahu was able to convince Putin to allow Israel the ability to attack Iranian forces in Syria and for a few years everything seemed to work. However, this has all changed over a six-month span.

It started out by then Foreign Minister Lapid who openly sided with Ukraine as opposed to staying neutral as then Prime Minister Bennett had suggested.

Putin’s Russia began to complain about Israeli warplanes attacking Iranian posts in Syria. This antagonism has grown with Russia now ordering Israel to stop attacking.

The latest is the Russian move to shut down the Jewish Agency in Russia, which would effectively prevent Jews from immigrating to Israel – something that has not been the case since the Soviet Area.

All of this is now happening after Putin’s visit to Iran and the tightening of that relationship. Will Putin break off relations with Israel entirely? Perhaps – and if he does, it is a sign that the next stage of the Iran-Israel conflict is upon us.

Unfortunately, Israel is lead by a very inexperienced Prime Minister with little know-how in managing serous crises.

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