“Orthodox Jews Can Do Anything”

by Phil Schneider

There is an assumption that many have that a life of Orthodox Judaism is severely limiting. Yes, there is no question that there are some limitations, especially as it regards to the Sabbath. But many would be very surprised as to how many things Orthodox Jews are actually able to achieve.

In the 1960’s, Sandy Koufax was a star pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers. At the apex of the baseball season, the World Series, which began on the Holiest Day of the year, Yom Kippur, Sandy Koufax chose to put his religion over his career. He did not participate. It was a fateful moment that is etched in the memories of hundreds of thousands of people who were baseball fans in that era. Sandy Koufax was and is not an Orthodox Jew. but he stood up for his beliefs and was respected for it.

These two talented young people are Orthodox and did not settle on their convictions. They happen to be so talented that they were able to compete in a situation that many would not expect them to be able to compete. They should be praised!

Dr. Risch

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