Ilhan Omar And AOC Put On A Show

by Phil Schneider

The once liberal Democrat Party has become the party of the radical left. There are very few issues that actually unite the Democrat Party today. But the issue of Roe v. Wade is one of the few issues that unites the Democrats. Disgust for former President Trump is another issue. But the more one digs into the details, the more it becomes apparent that the classic liberal stance of the Democrat Party is fast losing ground to the radical progressives.

Some of the Republican supporters like to focus on the growing “Squad” in Congress in order to focus on how out of touch the Democrat Party has become with the American people. They have a point. But “The Squad” does not represent the majority of Democrats today. The problem is not today. It’s tomorrow and the very near future.

The young generation, labeled the Z generation, is very much in tune with radical progressive policies touted by “The Squad.” Garbage concepts such as transgender and a non-binary view on sexuality are reasonable ideas to this very non-reasonable generation.

How and why has this occurred? This question should befuddle anyone who uses reason and facts to make assumptions and understand reality. Don’t they see the folly in so many of their ideas? But the young generation is not steeped in anything except for Tik-Tok and Instagram. When the attention span is not more than 10 seconds, and it has become stylish to form political opinions based on what is stylish, no serious thought is put into much of anything.

The only truly effective solution is to do what Prager University and a small number of other online outlets are doing. Make short videos – no more than a few minutes – that are filled with common sense. Spread them far and wide and hope they awaken the confused young minds as they mature and grow beyond their Tik-Tok and Instagram realities.

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