Good Samaritan Gets Slammed For Being Good

by Phil Schneider

A hero in today’s confused day and age is a person who stands up and claims that others are frankly being homophobic, transphobic, or some other phobic name. By so doing, they are making sure that violence does not occur. Because after all, trans people have been shown to be more than 20% suicidal. It is that kind of confused and garbage logic that the radical left is filling the airwaves with.

But in truth, there are real heroes today. They are the people who save lives, day in and day out. They are often policemen and policewomen, firemen and firewomen – not policepeople nor firepeople. They are every day citizens who don’t just ignore danger, but step in to protect people and do whatever they can to keep the world safe and moral.

But in the confused moral world of today, these true heroes are viewed as threats to society. These are the people who are lambasted for having the gaul of carrying a weapon – as if the only people who should be carrying weapons are Black Lives Matter protesters.

It is time for America to go back to the basics and reject the abnormal progressive mindset that removes G-d from the modern discourse. We need to remind ourselves that there are absolute morals in this world. There are rights and wrongs. There are facts and there are things that don’t exist. And yes – there are heroes. We need to find these heroes and emphasize the morals to learn from these heroes. Those heroes are young and old, men and women, black people, white people, and yes – Republicans and Democrats. But they are not transgender emotional snowballs getting insulted by anybody who hurts their feelings for being confused about the nature of the world they live in.

Dr. Risch

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