COLD WAR 2.0: Trump Comes Out Swinging Against China

by David Mark

The Cold War 2.0 continues to heat up as President Trump insists that China accept an international investigation into their handling of the Coronavirus as well as dismantling the CCP’s claim that the virus is a naturally recurring one.

With tensions flaring between the USA and the Chinese Regime, the Federal government has started targeting university employees with financial ties to China.

As investigations continue, the government has released information showing that the Chinese Communist Regime has targeted university professionals in the hopes of stealing medical data.

With the Cold War 2.0 now a fact, President Trump has made it clear that not only is the trade agreement he signed with Beijing on the “chopping block” but the entire relationship as well.

Conflict of Civilizations

The coming conflict between communist run China and the USA is more than just an economic one or a battle between to giants seeking to control the other. The unfolding Cold War is about global control and a potential directional shift in how the world is run.

With all of America’s problems and faults, the USA is still founded on a sense of equal justice and doing business in a trustworthy manner. True the corporatist power structure has sapped the culture of its original divine and enlightened mission, but there are still kernels of it left. Control for the USA, is one of influence that although driven by the need to make money, has a degree of moral clarity behind it.

The CCP sees itself as the inheritor of a 3,000 year old civilization that has ebbed and flowed in history and is now poised to retake its rightful place as the leader of the world. Does the Communist Regime want us all to be Chinese? No. But they, and their corporate supporters on Wall Street and big tech want to help usher a global security state based on digital surveillance and group think.

This tug of war for global dominance is so much more than a simple disagreement between the US and China. The CCP factories are in a sense the engine for globalist control.

Will we live in a world where our freedom to think is under assault? That is the question this conflict seeks to answer.


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