COLD WAR 2.0: Biden Is Losing Out To Russia and Israel and its Allies Know It

by Micha Gefen

In a matter of months Biden has plunged America’s foreign policy into uncertain territory.

Biden has taken the Deep State’s cue on Russia and continues to play the “Russia is evil card” that no one else in the world believes at this point. With Biden’s continual attacks on Putin and his wishy washy policy in the Middle East and the Indo-Asia arena. four main US allies are beginning to pivot to Russia.

Turkey, Israel, India, and Japan are beginning to realize that the Biden administration is not only chaotic when it comes to their regions, but is becoming dangerous.

From Biden’s lackadaisical approach to Chinese aggression to his administration’s outreach to Iran, these countries now see in Putin a far more stable and surprisingly less intrusive foreign power.

It should be noted that during Obama’s tenure Netanyahu struck up a personal relationship with Putin that has served Israel’s interests in ways that far more beneficial than the Obama administration’s strategic shifts that imperiled the tiny Jewish state.

In the future, the Deep State run America will continue to push America’s once loyal allies further and further away as the USA appears to be on a path towards self destruction.

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