CNN was Dealt a Major Blow by Their Own Guest

by Phil Schneider

“The media exists in it’s own bubble.” That is indeed a true statement. Especially CNN. One of the reasons that Donald Trump was so refreshing to so many is that he had no filters. Of course, that led to so many situations that were cringe-worthy. After all, isn’t diplomacy supposed to be one of the main aspects of the leader of the free world?

The answer is that different leaders have different styles. Donald Trump’s shoot from the hip style was one of the most unique styles of leadership. That is of course worrying to have so much power entrusted in someone who doesn’t seem to think twice before speaking. However, history has and will judge President’s by their record of achievement. Donald Trump does not seem to have implemented policies that are destructive to the United States of America. On the contrary, he was probably one of the most effective Presidents as far as his foreign affairs record. This is surprising as he entered the Oval Office with most of his foreign affairs experience consisting of negotiating business deals in foreign countries for hotels.

In contrast, Barack Obama has a much more relaxed and measured tone when making decisions. But his foreign policy record will probably be judged as ultimately weakening the place of the United States on a world stage. Although style has importance, it is overrated. Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy had very different styles. But their foreign affairs policies were not so different. So when CNN harped endlessly on the style of Donald Trump, that should be noted as unreliable slanted reporting. At least Fox News can claim that some of their pundits were not as pro-Donald Trump as others. On January 6th, Fox News featured more condemnation than adulation for Donald Trump. But CNN still can’t figure out why it was a good thing that Donald Trump removed the head of Iran’s terrorist Army. CNN is indeed a completely unreliable source of information.

Dr. Risch

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