Iranians Chant “Death to Khamenei” in the Streets of Iran

by Leah Rosenberg

In America, antisemitism is filling the streets. People are shouting “Death to Israel and America.” And what are Iranians chanting?

Iranians Chant Death to Supreme Leader

A revolution is coming! Iranians are taking to the streets. They’ve had enough of their tyrannical regime. No, they are not shouting death to Jews, to Israel, or to America. They are shouting death to Khamenei, the barbaric supreme leader of Iran.

The regime of Iran is a terrorist regime. The people of Iran know that! They want a change in leadership. What is so ironic is that we have a US administration who refuses to stand strongly against Iran. But a video like this sends a message loud and clear about how to handle the Iranian regime. If the people of Iran want a change, the US should not be giving in to the regime.

It is quite absurd that on the streets of America, people are hating on Israel and America itself, yet on the streets of Iran, they are not chanting those same things in this video. These protesters know who the real terrorist is, and it is not Israel or America.

Arab Incitement
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