CNN reporter asked Giuliani a question that she wished she never did

by Leah Rosenberg

Being a CNN reporter should mean seeking the truth and sharing news stories with the world. But reporters today have changed.

CNN Reporter Regrets Speaking Up

Reporting should be based on the truth. It should be based on a desire to share the facts with the public. But sadly, this CNN reporter – as well as basically every reporter in the mainstream media – is just set on spreading their agenda. They don’t share the news anymore; they don’t share the facts.

Reporters twist stories, spread lies, and do it all with a straight face.

So when this CNN reporter asked Rudy Giuliani a question that was laughable, he said, “Our role here is to do your job because you don’t do it.” CNN and other mainstream news outlets do not share the truth, and so, others have to do the job for them.

She had nothing else to say. What is she going to say? She knows the truth and refuses to share it with the public. Giuliani shut her down.

Caring about the Truth

Does the mainstream media not care about the truth? Do they really not know the truth? And if they do know the truth, how can they possibly manage to be so misleading to the American public? It is shameful how no one cares about the legal process. It seems that the Democrats want their candidate in office so much so that they will stomp upon the Constitution, the truth, and the founding principles of America. And this is what upsets Conservatives so much. Of course Conservatives want Trump to remain in office. But if he loses according to what Americans want and according to the law, then so be it. But if he loses because of lies and fraud, then THAT they will fight against until they can’t fight anymore.

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